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Mitchell Sinkler & Starr Fee Structure

At Mitchell Sinkler & Starr, we believe in delivering high quality investment advice and service at a competitively low cost. We are able to do so by rigorously controlling marketing and other ancillary expenses that do not directly contribute to the value of the services we provide.

We encourage investors to carefully consider and compare the fees that firms charge as they can vary significantly—and can impact portfolio growth over time.

As the value of clients’ accounts increase, the fees we charge as a percentage decrease. The Firm’s fee on a $2 million relationship (our typical minimum) is 0.75%, and decreases to 0.25% for relationships in excess of $24 million.

Fees are charged quarterly, based on one-fourth of the annual fee as applied to the quarter-end account market value.

For the purposes of calculating fees, Mitchell Sinkler & Starr will consider aggregating related accounts in a client relationship and basing our fee on their total value.

Market Value of Account(s)Annual Fee
Market Value of Account(s)$2 Million (Minimum)Annual Fee0.75%
Market Value of Account(s)$2 Million to $5 MillionAnnual Fee$15,000 plus 0.50% of assets over $2 million
Market Value of Account(s)$5 Million to $10 MillionAnnual Fee$30,000 plus 0.25% of assets over $5 million
Market Value of Account(s)$10 Million to $24 MillionAnnual Fee$42,500 plus 0.125% of assets over $10 million
Market Value of Account(s)Over $24 MillionAnnual Fee0.25% on All Assets

Contracts are effective from the initial date until the last day in a calendar quarter in which one party shall notify the other in writing of its desire to cancel. If the contract is cancelled by either party prior to the end of the last quarter for which the account has been billed, MS&S will refund any prepaid fees, prorated from the date of termination through the end of the quarter for which fees were prepaid.